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Misdemeanors could be spared jail time. (KXAN)

APD nips arrest policy to address jail overcrowding. (Austin Chronicle)

APD begins "Cite and Release" Program. (YNN)

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What you can do to get Cite and Release in your Community.

The first step is to contact your local Sheriff, Police Chief and District Attorney and ask if the Cite and Release option is being used. If not, ask why not ? If they don’t understand the benefits the policy offers, then the next thing to do is to go to their boss, which is the County ommissioner’s Court or City Council and ask them why the policy is not being implemented.

You can also write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper or blog to explain the case and call for action.

Call us at (512)441-4099 and we will arrange to come to your town to meet with your Sheriff, Police Chief, District Attorney and Judges in an effort to advance our cause.

Why Implement Cite and Release in My Community?

Texas county jails are overflowing. In early 2007, Dallas was forced to release 700 people from its county jail in order to comply with an order from the Texas Jail Standards Commission. Harris County is proposing a $300 million county bond issuance for the construction of a new jail. Hays County was able to avoid building a new $50-60 million dollar jail by implementing cite-and-release and other efficiency measures.

For many Texas cities law enforcement is the fastest growing piece of the City budget, the largest piece of the general fund and represents almost all new general fund dollars in the budget.

While for many Texas counties, the jail is the fastest growing piece of the County budget and usually has a history of overcrowding. Travis County officials estimated that implementing the option to its fullest extent would cut down their jail population by 1/3 and save $5-10 million per year.

In addition to the direct cost savings, the community is safer because the bill creates efficiencies for patrol officers. For example, the Travis County Sheriffs Office's jurisdiction covers more than 900 square miles, but all prisoners must be booked at a central facility in the heart of downtown.

Because of several natural barriers in Travis County such as Lake Travis and the Colorado River, some officers must travel more than 50 miles to book a prisoner.

Some officers were out on patrol for four hours or more to make 1 arrest. Because of staff shortages, some areas can be were unmanned during the entire arrest process. The ability to issue field release citations usually cuts the time from making an arrest and allows the officers to remain on patrol.